How To Find The Right Moen Cartridge For Your Faucet?

Moen kitchen and bathroom fixtures are some of the most reliable and long-lasting in the industry. The lifetime guarantee that every Moen faucet comes with is proof of this. But eventually, your Moen cartridge will need to be replaced, and if you’re not sure what type you need, it can be difficult to determine which one you need—especially if you’re not an expert in plumbing.
How To Find The Right Moen Cartridge For Your Faucet?

If you’re looking for a Moen faucet cartridge, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to find the right Moen cartridge for your faucet.

Moen cartridges: how do they work?

Moen cartridges are designed to control the flow of water in a faucet. They are usually made of brass or plastic and are located inside the faucet handle. The cartridge is what allows you to turn the water on and off, as well as control the temperature and pressure.  When you turn the handle, a rubber seal inside the cartridge moves up or down. This action opens or closes a valve that controls the flow of water through the faucet. The further you turn the handle, the more water will flow.  The Moen cartridge is a key component of your faucet and needs to be replaced if it starts to wear out. Over time, the rubber seals can deteriorate and cause problems with leaky faucets. If you notice your faucet is leaking, it’s time to replace the cartridge.

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How to Find the Correct Moen Cartridges

If your Moen faucet is leaking, or if you’re simply wanting to upgrade the inner workings of your current faucet, then you’ll need to find the correct Moen cartridge for your model. With so many different types and styles of Moen faucets on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start.

To find the right cartridge for your faucet, you’ll need to know the model number of your faucet. You can find this information on the back of the handle or on the underside of the spout. Once you have the model number, you can use Moen’s online parts finder to look up the correct replacement cartridge. If you cannot figure out the model number of your Moen faucet. Check this guide out before moving on to the next step.

In case you are still unsure which cartridge is right for your faucet, or if you can’t find your model number, then you can always contact Moen’s customer service team for help. They will be able to point you in the right direction and get you the correct cartridge for your faucet.

There are two main types of Moen cartridges: those that fit single-handle faucets and those that fit double-handle faucets. Single-handle cartridges are much more common, and they’re generally pretty easy to find.

Moen 1225 Cartridge

moen 1225 cartridge

Available on Amazon

Designed to be used in Moen single-handle faucets, the Moen 1225 Cartridge replaces the original one. It was first introduced in 1981 and controls both water flow volume and temperature directly beneath the faucet handle. Typically, you will find this on Moen single-handle faucets produced prior to 2009 (depending on the model and style).

Replacement cartridges for Moen faucets feature durable brass construction so they can last for many years. In addition, it can be easily installed and replaced if necessary, so you will have confidence that your brand-new faucet will last for a long time.

Moen 4000 Cartridge

Available on Amazon

The Moen 4000 cartridge is interchangeable with the 4002 cartridge and vice versa. The 4000/4002 cartridge controls both volume and temperature directly below the faucet handle. Moen faucets made after 2005 commonly use it, especially the new single-handle kitchen and bathroom faucets.

In order to provide years of trouble-free service, the Moen 4000 cartridge is made of aluminum oxide. Furthermore, the double-sealed design of this cartridge prevents leaks even when your supply line is clogged with debris such as dirt or sand.

Moen 1224 Cartridge

1224 moen

Available on Amazon

The Moen 1224 Cartridge is a replacement cartridge for the Moen 2 handle faucet. This cartridge has plastic solid brass construction and fits all Moen two-handle faucets except Roman tubs. Is compatible with all faucets produced before 2018. You will need two separate cartridges to replace both cold and hot water lines in your faucet system.

Moen 1234 Cartridge

Available on Amazon

Designed to be used with Moen’s two-handle bathroom and kitchen faucets (hot or cold), the Moen 1234 Duralast is made of high-quality materials. In addition, this provides a smooth handling experience throughout the life of the faucet. Precision water control is provided by the 1234 cartridge, which can be adjusted to regulate water flow and temperature. After 2018, Moen began offering the 1234 Duralast in two-handle faucets.

Below is a list of all Moen replacement cartridges for bathroom and kitchen faucets, which can be used to determine which cartridge is right for your faucet.


Faucet Type


Cartridge Retainer


Single Handle Bathroom/Kitchen Faucets


U-Shaped Copper Clip


Single Handle Kitchen Faucets


Hexagonal, Metallic Brass Nut 


Single Handle Bathroom Faucets


Hexagonal, Non-Metallic Black Nut 


Single Handle Kitchen Faucets


2 Distinct Flat Areas, Metallic Brass


Two Handle Bathroom/Kitchen Faucets

Before 2018



Two Handle Bathroom/Kitchen Faucets



How to replace Moen faucet cartridge?

If you’re having trouble with your Moen faucet, you may need to replace its cartridge. Replacing a faucet cartridge isn’t as difficult as it seems, but there are some important things to remember. To start, you’ll need to gather a few supplies. You’ll need a Moen replacement cartridge, pliers, a screwdriver, and a towel. Once you have everything you need, follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn off the water supply to your faucet. This is usually done by turning the valves under your sink clockwise until they’re tight.
  2. Place a towel over the open area of the faucet to catch any drips. After removing the cartridge, you can also use it to clean the surrounding area.

  3. Depending on your faucet model remove the handle using a screwdriver or Allen wrench.
  4. Use the pliers to remove the retaining nut and washer from the top of the old cartridge. Be careful not to damage the finish on your faucet as you do this.

  5. Pull out the old cartridge and dispose of it properly.

  6. Insert the new cartridge into the faucet body, making sure that it’s seated properly.

  7. Replace the retaining nut and washer, and use the pliers to tighten them in place.

  8. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks. If everything is sealed up tight, you should be good to go!

To make things more clear below you’ll also find a video guide from Moen showing you how to replace a two-handle faucet cartridge. These steps also apply to single-handle faucets except for the fact that the retainer nut or clip can differ based on the faucet model.


What is the difference between Moen 1225 and 1225b cartridge?

The cartridge is the same. The packaging is different, so you will see Moen-1225 in retail stores and bulk packs of Moen-1225 in home improvement stores.

Unlike most cartridges, the Moen-1225b uses a bulk-packing system instead of standard packaging. By using the bulk pack system, the company can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

What is the difference between Moen 1222 and 1225?

The Moen 1222 is a single-handle shower PosiTemp cartridge while 1225 it is an improved version of the 1200 cartridge. The latest can be found in many single-handle faucets and shower valves. The 1222 and 1225 aren’t interchangeable. With the 1222 cartridge, you only rotate the handle for temperature adjustment while with the 1225 cartridge controls the temperature and adjusts the water volume.

How to remove a stuck Moen cartridge?

In most cases removing a stuck cartridge can be done by gripping the stem with pliers and removing the cartridge. Using some limescale remover or vinegar can do the trick. But if you dealing with a stubborn cartridge you need special tools, Due to mineral build the Moen cartridge can get stuck and you won’t be able to replace it with a new one. Fortunately, there is a Moen cartridge removal tool that can remove safely 1200, 1222, and 1225 single-handle cartridges. This tool is specially designed to screw onto the Moen cartridge stem and remove it from your faucet.


If you’re looking for a new Moen cartridge for your faucet, we hope this guide has helped you find the right one. There are a lot of different cartridges out there, so it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re getting the right one for your needs. With the right cartridge, your Moen faucet will be good as new and working better than ever before. Thanks for reading!