How To Control Temperature On A Touchless Faucet?

Touchless faucets are a convenient way of getting things wet and they can be used by anyone. They have been present in our lives for quite a few time now and with every passing year, we see them being more and more useful. They are easy to use, reliable, and germ-free, and also reduce your water consumption and monthly bills. When we think about faucets, there’s one thing that pops into our minds –convenience and water temperature control.
How To Control Temperature On A Touchless Faucet?

If you own a touchless faucet, then you are in need of knowing how to set the temperature control on it. It’s very easy to use and easy to adjust depending on your needs. After all, the most important part about a faucet is that it should be convenient to use and achieve the right temperature.

How to adjust the temperature on a touchless faucet?

Basically touchless faucets are designed to work like traditional ones. Except that you won’t have to touch the handle every time you use the faucet. In order to adjust the water temperature on a touchless faucet while it’s in hands-free mode, you must pull the handle either forward or backward while it’s off. After the first adjustment, you’ll be able to control the water flow by waving your hand. This will automatically adjust the temperature setting to match your preference. For example, if you’d like to lower or raise the water temperature, simply pull it in one direction or another until you get the desired result.

In addition, we should take a closer look at this subject since there are some small differences between kitchen and bathroom faucets and also from one brand to another. Most touchless kitchen faucets have the same principle for adjusting water temperature, but bathroom faucets have some differences.

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Adjusting the temperature of a touchless kitchen faucet

The handle controls the water temperature and pressure in touchless kitchen faucets. If you want hot water, you set the handle in the back. If you want cold water, you set it forward. You can adjust the water pressure by pulling or pushing the handle toward the faucet. Some of them have a led light indicator that changes from blue to red as your faucet’s water changes temperature. A very useful feature to prevent scalding.

Some of them have a dial underneath the sink

In some older models or budget ones, the mixing temperature is controlled by the electronic control valve underneath the sink. A small knob adjusts the water temperature down there. If you have a touchless kitchen faucet with this feature, you can still change the temperature by turning it clockwise or counterclockwise until it feels right to you.

Smart touchless kitchen faucets

The main reason we use smart home products is to reduce our workload and improve our lives. There are also smart faucets that once set up connect with your favorite home assistant to enable voice commands. With Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers, you’ll only have to tell what temperature and how much water you want from your touchless kitchen faucet. This is because these smart kitchen faucets have an integrated sensor that detects the temperature of the water and then adjusts it accordingly. Manually setting up the temperature is also an option, but a smart touchless kitchen faucet won’t require you to do so.

How to adjust the water temperature on a Moen touchless kitchen faucet?

Moen’s Motionsense faucet is designed to make it easier to operate your kitchen sink without using your hands. Simply wave your hand over the sensor and the water will start flowing.  However, there is confusion among customers about how to control the temperature of Moen’s touchless kitchen faucet. Here’s what we want to clarify:

Moen’s first generation of touchless kitchen faucets

This MotionSense faucet has a gray control box underneath the sink. Using them in manual mode requires pulling the handle forward for cold and backward for hot. During hands-free operation, you must adjust the dial on the electronic box under the sink to determine the water temperature.

Moen’s latest touchless kitchen faucets

The newer version of Moen touchless kitchen faucets uses a black control box. Regardless of whether the water is turned on by the sensor or the handle, the temperature is controlled by the position of the handle. You can use the handle as you normally would. For cold, pull forward; for hot, pull backward. Changing the temperature of the faucet is still very easy and can be done anytime without reaching under the cabinet. The downside is that it’s no longer hands-free if you want temperature changes.

adjust the water temperature on a Moen touchless kitchen faucet

How to adjust the temperature on a Delta touch faucet?

By simply touching the spout or handle anywhere on the Delta Touch2O faucet with your hand, you can turn on the water. This will activate the flow of water at the temperature you choose.

Like any standard faucet, you adjust the water temperature manually with the handle. Water temperature remains the same when operating the faucet via touch or hands-free mode. When the water temperature changes, an LED light changes color to alert you.

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How to change the temperature on a touchless bathroom faucet ?

Touchless bathroom faucets are easy to use. Just wave your hand and then you can get the water stream. It’s a great way to save water and energy. But sometimes, you may need to change the temperature of the touchless bathroom faucet. If your touchless bathroom faucet does not have a temperature control handle, look underneath the sink for a dial or valve. You can move it forward or backward for either hot or cold water.

When it comes to temperature control, there are two types of touchless bathroom faucets available:

Commercial touchless bathroom faucet

Commercial touchless bathroom faucets are used in public places such as offices, restaurants, retail stores, and schools. These faucets are more durable and vandal-proof. so you won’t find any handle to adjust the water temperature. Instead, they use a mixing valve hidden under the sink where you can preset the desired water temperature.   There are no buttons or knobs on the faucets – they use sensors to detect when someone is nearby and automatically turn on with the preset water temperature set by management personnel.

Residential touchless bathroom faucet

Residential touchless bathroom faucets instead are designed for your home. So there is a little lever to control the water temperature. If your faucet does not have this lever, it means that your faucet uses only cold water or there’s also a mixing valve underneath the sink.

How to change the temperature on a touchless bathroom faucet

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While a touchless faucet offers convenience, it’s nice to be able to physically control the temperature on a faucet, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn more about these faucets and how they work. While it may be challenging to use at first, with practice you’ll be able to control your touchless faucet like a pro!