Tips to Choose Sensor or Touchless Faucet

Every day we definitely encounter and use the faucet, such as in the kitchen sink, in the living room on the sink, also in the bathroom on the bathtub wall faucet and the garden on the garden faucet which is usually connected to the hose, generally the faucet functions to open the flow lid water using a lever or a button. The development of technology makes the faucet not only open the lid manually but already uses a sensor system, where when the hand approaches the touchless faucets, the water flow automatically opens.

Sensor faucet is generally used in the sink of the house and sink in public places, such as hotels, homes, restaurants, and recreation areas. Before buying a sensor faucet you should first study and analyze a sensor faucet that suits your building needs. At the moment we all find it very easy to find sources of information related to tips on choosing a quality and multifunctional sensor faucet. The following are some of them:

Selection of the right basic materials

At first glance the outside appearance of the sensor faucet will look the same, the difference is the basic material of the sensor faucet itself, which results in different prices for each sensor faucet. Choose a sensor faucet made from brass, so it can be used for a long time and avoid rust.

Watch Size

The size and height of the sensor faucet certainly vary, before buying you should first measure the suitability of the distance between the sink and the sensor faucet so that it is not too low which causes difficulty in washing hands and too high which causes splatter of water out beyond the sink wall.

Multifunctional power system

Before buying a sensor faucet, we must check first, whether the area around which the sensor faucet will be installed has a socket, it is important to choose the electrical system on the sensor faucet. Related to the electricity system, choose a sensor faucet that has a multifunctional electrical system so that we can use the system with electricity or can also use batteries, so it can be the right solution, without having to make a new installation.



Pros And Cons Touchless Faucets


  • Smart sensors that can be abled/disabled easily
  • Long self retract hose
  • Beautiful timeless design
  • Spot resistant finish
  • Easy to install


  • Head filter could be prone to clogging (filter is removable though
  • Pricey


Solution when the power goes out

The problem that occurs in the sensor faucet, is when the electricity goes out, this is an obstacle to the sensor faucet in general, the sensor faucet automatically does not function when the electricity goes out, causing water to not flow. There are two solutions to answer the problem of sensor faucet that goes out. First, choose a sensor faucet with a battery electrical system, so you don’t need to worry if the electricity goes out, and second choose a sensor faucet that if the electrical system is experiencing interference can still use the manual system by sliding the lever of the manual sensor faucet so the water can still flow.

Suitability of design

It is highly recommended that the sensor faucet design be adjusted to the sink and the condition of the surrounding area so that in addition to its maximum function, the sensor faucet will also add value to beauty.

Spare parts available

Make sure the sensor faucet brands that we buy have complete spare parts so that the damaged sensor faucet parts can still be replaced and return to normal. As we all know that the price of sensor faucets is quite high, therefore it will be very an obstacle if buying sensor faucets without the availability of spare parts in the future.

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