Where can you find Delta faucet model number and why do you need it?

Delta is a hugely popular and versatile brand of faucets that have been around for years. Delta provides a huge selection of various fixtures, faucets, and showerheads to choose from. The only issue you might run into though is when something goes wrong with your faucet and you are trying to find parts using the Delta faucet model number. This can be very frustrating. Read our guide with simple step-by-step instructions on finding the model number for your Delta faucet.

delta faucet model number
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First of all , why do you need it?

Delta faucet model numbers are very handy in shopping for replacement parts or additional accessories. For example, if you have a shower that needs a new head or diverter, If you know your delta faucet model number you can easily find what you need online. Finding replacement parts will save you money and having your delta faucet model number on hand will make it easy to locate the part you need. Troubleshooting is often easier when you have the information that is printed on the back of your manual. Your model number is listed there along with a diagram showing how to disassemble and reassemble your faucet. Having this information at hand will save time and money when something goes wrong with your faucet.

How do you identify your Delta faucet’s model number?

The model number is a unique identifier for the faucet, and the first step will be to identify it. The model number can be accessed in a variety of ways:

1. Check the package or installation instructions that came with your Delta faucet

The easiest way to find your faucet model number is on the packaging. If you purchased your faucet from a home improvement center or hardware store, you can probably locate the package, which should have the information you need. But if you no longer have the box, you can use the installation instructions that came with your faucet to find that information.

2. Find the identification tag on your Delta faucet

Most new Delta faucets are equipped with an identification tag attached to one of the supply lines near where they connect to the faucet. If you don’t see one, check under the cap at this connection point. You should know that only models made after 2012 will have the tag attached to one of the supply lines.

3. Find your faucet model number using the Delta website

If you’re having trouble determining what model number is right for your needs, using the above methods try using the Delta website. The easiest way to find your Delta model number is by visiting the web-based Product Identifier Tool. This will walk you through a series of questions that should help you identify your faucet.

Step 1 – Head over to the product identifier tool

By visiting the Delta website head over to the Service & Parts area. At this point, you have two options either you found your model number and you can paste it in the search form to find more about your Delta faucet.

delta model number

If not, just simply scroll down to the product identifier wizard.

delta faucet model number identifier

According to the type of fixture you are looking for, select ” Kitchen ” or ” Bathroom “. Then you will be guided through several questions.

Step 2 – Make sure you answer all the questions to narrow down your search

The Delta wizard will help you find your faucet model number with a few questions. Just follow the instructions and when you get to the last question, you’ll have all the information required to locate your model.

delta faucet number You can narrow down your search by answering the following questions in more detail.

  • If you have one handle, then…
  • If you have an electronic faucet, then…
  • If you have a pull-out or pull-down faucet, then…
  • If you have a side sprayer, then…
  • If you have a soap or lotion dispenser attached to your faucet, then…
  • If you have a tall/high-arc spout, then…

As a result, you’ll be shown a number of faucets that match your input.

Step 3 – Choose your faucet from the filtered results

Following all the steps, you should see a list of faucets that match your filters.All you have to do is determine visually the model of your Delta faucet. Below each faucet, you will find the model number.

delta faucet number

Choosing a Delta model will provide you with more than just the faucet model number, but also informations such as product features, specifications, product support, and repair parts. The parts list tab will show you all the repairing parts and accessories compatible with your Delta faucet model number. It simplifies the task of finding the right replacement part for your faucet.

How do you find an older Delta faucet model number?

If you are looking for the model number of your Delta faucet, you can find it in different places. But if you have an older model, it can be difficult to find out which Delta faucet you have.

You can get your model number from the box that the faucet came in or from the manual that came with it assuming that you still have them. The manufacturer and model number are usually printed on the drain cap or plate. But if you don’t have either of these, you will have to search for them online.

You can go to Delta’s website and use their product tool to search for your faucet but it only goes back a few years. Also, they haven’t made their old models in more than a decade so they will not show up in the tool. Instead, look at Delta rebranded their older faucets as Brizo. They changed the name of all Delta Plus products to Brizo in 2004. Although the company is still owned by Delta Faucet Company.

If you can’t find the model number of your faucet, try searching online for an older catalog. Delta keeps them on their website. You can find a link to the catalog, or contact customer service. If you need help figuring out when your faucet was made, you can give them a call, send an email with your faucet photos or you can use the           ” Contact Us Form “ for assistance.

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Finally, you found it!

And that’s it! The process of finding your Delta faucet’s model number can now be completed. If you keep the basic steps in mind, then finding the model number wouldn’t be that hard to come by. What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite Delta faucet from their flagship collection and make that kitchen shine like never before. Don’t forget to visit our list of Best Delta Touch2O Kitchen Faucets Reviews.

All the screenshots are taken from https://www.deltafaucet.com/.